Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

March 11, 2011 at 6:25 pm (Books) (, , , , )

Happy, happy day for me! I was poking around the Sony Reader store (because some of us are old school when it comes to eReaders) and I happened upon THIS!

That’s right, baby! Those are my two short books. I didn’t even know they had been picked up by the Reader Store 🙂 If you click the picture, you can get them for FREE at the Sony Reader store. If you want other download options (such as PDF, Epub, Kindle) you can click on this picture instead and go to my page on the publisher’s site. After you click a book, you will be taken to the different options. Don’t worry, they’re FREE there as well.

And for those of you who have read the books and have asked about the 3rd book in the series… I, um… I’m not entirely sure it’s gonna happen. I’ve begun work on a full length novel and I’m not sure when I’ll be heading back to my little space pirate, Isambard Tims.

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The birth of a story

October 19, 2008 at 7:02 pm (Fiction) (, , , , )

Over the summer, Ian asked me (we were of course at The Coffee Break), “If you could pick your own crew for a spaceship, who would you pick?” We had been watching a lot of “Firefly” at the time and most of our conversations centered around Joss Whedon, the crew he created and the stories he told. My original line-up at the coffee shop included Fezzik from The Princess Bride as my “heavy” or “muscle” or whatever you wanna call him. I don’t remember who my pilot was…or my first mate, for that matter. Odd.

Anyway, the next day I refined my list, replacing all trademarked characters such as Fezzik with new creations. For example, for my new “muscle” I created a cyclops character named Outis (which is Greek, look it up) and for my first mate I chose to clone the early 19th century female Chinese pirate Ching Shih. I certainly haven’t seen her or her clone in any fiction.

So I took those characters and a few others (mechanic, doctor, pilot) and started a little short story for fun. What began as a “short” story ended up being 20 pages as a Word document (weighing in at over 7700 words). I posted it as I went on two different web-sites devoted to fiction and received an amazing amount of feedback.

Now I offer the piece to you here as a PDF file.

Into the Black right click to save

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