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November 26, 2008 at 5:55 pm (Art) (, , , , , , )

This is a poster I made for a somewhat fictitious band, Clockjacker.  This, of course, is also a fictitious gig, so don’t go to The Coffee Break and ask which Friday Clockjacker is playing.

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The birth of a story

October 19, 2008 at 7:02 pm (Fiction) (, , , , )

Over the summer, Ian asked me (we were of course at The Coffee Break), “If you could pick your own crew for a spaceship, who would you pick?” We had been watching a lot of “Firefly” at the time and most of our conversations centered around Joss Whedon, the crew he created and the stories he told. My original line-up at the coffee shop included Fezzik from The Princess Bride as my “heavy” or “muscle” or whatever you wanna call him. I don’t remember who my pilot was…or my first mate, for that matter. Odd.

Anyway, the next day I refined my list, replacing all trademarked characters such as Fezzik with new creations. For example, for my new “muscle” I created a cyclops character named Outis (which is Greek, look it up) and for my first mate I chose to clone the early 19th century female Chinese pirate Ching Shih. I certainly haven’t seen her or her clone in any fiction.

So I took those characters and a few others (mechanic, doctor, pilot) and started a little short story for fun. What began as a “short” story ended up being 20 pages as a Word document (weighing in at over 7700 words). I posted it as I went on two different web-sites devoted to fiction and received an amazing amount of feedback.

Now I offer the piece to you here as a PDF file.

Into the Black right click to save

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