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I’m sick of what’s passing for “news” today. It was finally capped off a few years back during the whole Jennifer “Runaway Bride” Wilbanks thing. She’s the one that disappeared right before her wedding and for some reason that made the news? Anyway, Grant and I were eating at a Dairy Queen in Asheville, NC and I heard Nancy Grace ask Ms. Wilbanks’ father, “This isn’t typical behavior of her, is it?”


Leaving aside the fact that I couldn’t understand why it mattered what this woman did before her wedding, let’s take a look at the stupidity of Nancy Grace’s question:
If it WAS typical behavior of Ms. Wilbanks, THEN WHY WOULD IT BE A “STORY” AT ALL?!

I’m just glad she wasn’t born at a different point in time
Nancy Grace: Mr. Lindbergh, is it typical behavior for your son to build a crude wooden ladder and leave your house?

Anyway, here’s a video I made a month or so back.

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