lemonbar77 is the online persona of a guy named Jeremy, who happens to really like lemon bars.

lemonbar77 is a playwright, photoshop enthusiast, author, actor, and dabbles in quite a few more endeavors.

lemonbar77 currently lives in Greensboro, NC where he is working on RECEIVED his BA in Drama at UNC-Greensboro.

    Some facts you may not have known about lemonbar77:

I was born in a paper sack in the bottom of a sewer
I had to eat dirt clods for breakfast, my family was so poor
My daddy was a waitress
My momma sold bathroom tile
My brothers and sisters all hated me ’cause I was an only child


  1. Your Brother said,

    Thanks for that poem. It is amazing how something like that can flood you with happy memories and take you back, emotionally, to those moments. You did it for for me.

    We are in the capital of our favorite/least favorite country (you can have opposite strong emotions concurrently…trust me) in the world. We head for Dubai tomorrow. Turn on skype! Find me, befriend me. I will be looking for you.

    Ok. I know I have deviated from commenting on your blog and turned it into my own. Sorry

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