Another True Story

September 19, 2011 at 2:53 pm (Life) (, , )

True information that you probably didn’t care about:

–I brainstorm stories to Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Stings, op. 11”
–but I write to Rachmaninov

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untoched, unedited

June 26, 2010 at 12:42 am (Life)

NOTE: I didn’t go back and edit any of my spelling (except in this sentence) for a reason, which you will learn. How you see it is how it was typed… which is the problem.
This isn’t something I’ve tlalked to anyone about, but that’s mainly because I don’t know if it actualy means antying or I’m making a big deal about tnothing.

lately, my memory has ben shot to pieces. Two nights in a row, when closing at work, I completely forgot to shut down a machine. Also, my spelling has been terrible. When texting, I misspell workds over na d over, sometimes not sunderstanding what is wrong or how to fix ti. When typing/? Well, I think you an see for yourself. You may be thinkin, “Jeremy, everyone isspells words when typing,”… but I dont, or at least, not to this degree. And this isn’t me looking at a paper while I’m tyopng. This is me looking at the screen, at the keypboard. I tried to work on my shortstory the other day anid I had to quit because i was getting so grufstare…. frustrated.

Today, I stood in a bookstore and for 5 mintues, i couldn’t remember the dan… *sigh* name of my favorite artist. I knew he had a beard, but that’s as far as I could remember. What’s even worse, I couldn’t remember any of this guy’s work! I was thinking, “Oh, I should see if they have a book of ______, the guy who makes _____….oh.”

If it’s stress, I don’t know it. Sure, I am moving to NYC and am going to be homeless for 18 days before I make the move, but I’m not actually worried about taht. In the past, my memory problems have been because of worry… and yes, I realize that is stress, but I see it as such a negative stress. I wasn’t aware something like this could affect me the same way. Well, as far as memory, that is. The spelling? I don’t know. it woorr…. worries me. I ain’t gonna lie. it’s like there’s a disconnect between my brain and fingers.

It’s funy, the usaual sign of stress fr me is switching my nuons in spoken sentences. Thinsg like, “I’m going to drive my store to the car.” I am not usally aware I am doing this, and when others point it out, I recognize it as a sign and I start taking stock of where I am emotionally. I haven’t been doing that, though. Not this time. Oooo! Maybe negative stress (worry) makes me switch my words and psoitive stress screws with my spelling? Dunno. That doesn’t seem very logitcal. Oh well, 20 days until I am living with the love of my life in NYC… maybe it will go away then.

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Nice day

April 19, 2010 at 10:12 pm (Life) (, , )

I wrote 10 pages today of my script. I’m up to 75 pages now. I’m shooting for 100 pages by April 30 as part of Script Frenzy. I think I’ll be just fine. I’m not entirely sure this script will get me to 100, though. I feel like there are only 15 pages left. Oh well, I’ll just write a couple short films or one acts to get me to 100 of script writing.

I also finally got to play disc golf today. I went out with two friends and we played the back 8 at Johnson Street. We didn’t keep score, but had a lot of fun.

Things are turning around, I think.

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Good, good, happy news

April 18, 2010 at 1:14 pm (Life) (, , , , )

Good news: through a bit of tracking down, and searching, I found out I had one more refill on both of my meds. AND through an odd loop-hole, I was able to get them filled at the university’s pharmacy, which DOESN’T try to turn a profit. I paid the same for both of my meds as I would have for the cheapest one at Walgreens.

So yeah, good things. Going to celebrate my happiness by listening to ABBA all day at work 🙂

This is STILL one of my favorite quotes. It was said by my friend Hope after we went to see Mamma Mia and sat with some other friends.

“I’m sorry. When I said Jeremy liked ABBA, I didn’t know I meant he knows every word to every song.”

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“It’s 3 AM, I must be lonely”

April 15, 2010 at 4:08 am (Life) (, , , , , )

It turns out that the 24 hour Emergency Crisis facility at the Mental Health Department only does hospitalization at 2:45 AM. There are no therapists or counselors there at that time. The security guard said, “How ya doin?” when I walked in and I barked a laugh in his face. “If I was well, would I be here at almost 3 in the morning?” Anyway, they sent me home, saying to come back at 8 AM for the walk-in clinic.

So I did what any normal person with mental illness would do…I came home and mowed the front yard. By the light of the street lamps. At 3 AM. Twice. That first time around just didn’t seem to get it all. I then spent 10 minutes staring at the yard across the street (Eddie’s), debating on whether or not I should mow it. I finally chose not to because it was bumpier than I wanted to deal with. I then drank about 32 oz. of orange juice.

People…….I’m not so sure I’m very stable.

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