Mental Health

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This week my depression was upgraded from dysthymia to major depressive disorder. That doesn’t really do much to change my treatment, it just changes how much (more) the state is willing to help pay for said treatment. I won’t be able to get back on meds until I see a psychiatrist on May 14, however. That, my friends, sucks. All refills have run out and the mental health department (where I’ll be going) is backed up until May 14. That greatly saddens me, not just for myself, but for what that indicates about the mental health of my fellow citizens of Greensboro, NC. It saddens me because there just aren’t enough psychiatrists to go around.

This isn’t a sad blog post, however. Even though this has been a sort of rough week mentally (mainly due to financial woes…as always), I was also able to make this video. It was fun to write, fun to shoot, fun to edit, and very fun to watch. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve watched it like 8 times. It makes me laugh every time. They say to write for yourself and others will like it. I hope so, because I only know how to write for me. And I make me laugh 🙂

I don’t normally ask this, but if you like the video, could you give it a thumbs up if you visit the Youtube site? Also, please feel free to re-post the video or send the link to anyone you think might enjoy it or need a laugh. Like I told my friend on Twitter the other day, I’m here to bring laughter.

I’d like to leave you with this: just like weather isn’t the same thing as climate, being depressed doesn’t mean you aren’t happy.

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Crazy Heart

March 6, 2010 at 8:37 pm (film) (, , , , , , )

Let me start this post off by saying this: I friggin LOVED the movie Crazy Heart


Let’s face it, if you’re of a certain generation and you see Jeff Bridges with long hair and facial hair, you think one thing: The Dude.  If you aren’t of a certain generation, you don’t even know who The Dude is.  In which case, you need to rent The Big Lebowski and get ready for the ride of your life.  One of the things you’ll learn about The Dude is that he bowls.  He and his group are bowling fiends.  The first scene of Crazy Heart takes place in a bowling alley.  Really, guys?  When Bad Blake set down at the bar in the bowling alley, I almost seriously expected for the camera to pull out and show Sam Elliot sitting there.

My other beef with Crazy Heart was Jeff Bridges’ style of smoking cigarettes.  Fingers splayed wide, he grabs the cigarette in the web of his first two fingers.  I am pretty sure I’ve seen Mr. Bridges smoke this way in every movie I’ve seen him smoke in.  So every time Bad Blake reached for the cigarette in his mouth, I was taken out of the movie and started thinking about other Bridges movies.  That makes me sad.

But still, I loved this movie.  I already have the soundtrack and have listened to it 15 times.  When the movie comes out on DVD, I’ll have that too.  I don’t think Bridges will win the Best Actor Oscar tomorrow night and I’m not entirely sure I think he should.  But I will say this: I cannot WAIT to see Tron Legacy and to see him play “Rooster” in True Grit!

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no new video

December 5, 2009 at 5:14 pm (Art, film) (, , , , )

I really wanted to make a new video, but if you remember, my video camera got washed. Yes, in the washing machine. I thought about taking lots of pictures of me, recording an audio track, and making a stop-motion video… but who has that amount of time?

Oh…….. I do.
But I can’t find my digital camera and my MacBook’s iSight doesn’t work. My artistic desires are destroyed by lack of technology. Guess I’ll go crochet some more.

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Wherein I rewrite the musical “Rent”

July 12, 2009 at 4:17 pm (Art, Fiction, film, Life) (, , , , , , , )

Back in 2002, my friend Sean and I wanted to make a collection of songs from the musical Rent. This was shortly after P2P filesharing had come into vogue and we used Kazaa to get a lot of the songs. Sean had seen the musical and heard the soundtrack but I had only heard a few songs. We got what songs we could and put them willy-nilly onto a CD. The following is more or less how Rent would be performed if Jonathan Larson had written it based on our setlist.

The show begins with Mark’s mother consoling him on the answering machine. Mark’s girlfriend, Maureen, has dumped him for a woman. Then, the company sings the eponymous title song, where they bemoan the paying of their rent and back-rent. Everything falls apart with everyone, and the group sings “Goodbye Love,” wherein Mimi is dating Benny, Roger is leaving for Santa Fe, Maureen and Joanne fight, Roger and Mark fight, Mimi gets deathly sick and Benny pays for her clinic. Mimi decides to be honest with Roger and sings “I Should Tell You” and the two of them bond over their HIV/AIDS. Sensing the sadness in the air, Angel does an impromptu show with “Today 4 U” and everyone has a great time. Sadly, Mimi and Roger break up in “Without You.” Roger decides he needs to make his mark on the world and vows to achieve it musically in “One Song Glory.”

In what we can only assume is a flashback, Mimi and Roger meet for the first time, as Mimi asks him, “Light My Candle.” He does so, she recovers her drugs (not a candy bar wrapper) and then we all sing “Seasons of Love,” thinking about laughter, sunsets and cups of coffee.

While everyone is thinking about how many minutes are in a year, Collins professes his love for Angel and vice-versa and they sing “I’ll Cover You.” However, not everyone is having such a good time. Maureen demands that Joanne accepts who she is (and vice-versa) as the two sing “Take Me or Leave Me.” The citizens of the city wonder if someone will care when they die, and they sing “Will I?” together, in an interesting show of support for a song about being alone.

Angel dies. Evidently (s)he was much more sick than (s)he let on. Collins feels lied to and betrayed but plans a pretty funeral, nonetheless, and sings their favorite song, “I’ll Cover You” as a reprise. Benny tells the guys they don’t have to pay rent if they can get Maureen to cancel her protest and the ghost of Angel invites the boys to a Life Support meeting in “You’ll See.” Roger and Mark struggle with who they are in this crazy world and sing “What You Own.” Marius and Cossette then introduce themselves to each other, already knowing they must be together forever in “A Heart Full of Love,” and Eponine laments losing Marius’ love, even though she knows she never had it to begin with.

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Boba hoodie

July 9, 2009 at 8:03 pm (film, Life) (, , , , , )

Let’s face it, the Fetts kinda sucked. I mean, in reality, what did we ever see a Fett do besides get killed? Sure, Boba climbed out of Sarlacc in one of the books (so?), but onscreen? Nothing. So while I think the Fetts are over-hyped, costume wearing, crappy bounty hunters (Lando was really the one instrumental in Han’s capture. Boba just flew him to Jabba, if you think about it) who have somehow managed to come off as “cool,” I DO think this hoodie is pretty dang sweet. Will I pay $88 for it? Not on your life, but I would wear it if I found it 🙂

Picture 2

(available here.)

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