It’s Better to Give. I’ll be Your Recipient.

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I know what you’re all thinking, “Lemonbar (or Jacumba… you know who you are), I really want to get you something over $100 for Christmas, but I don’t know what.” A common dilemma, I know. To help ease your stress, I decided to give you all my Wishlist:

And here it is…in all its glory

You’ll notice a portable external hard drive (MAC COMPATIBLE!) is high upon my list, as is a Wacom Tablet (NOT the Bamboo, you’ll notice!). Those are two very important things I’d like.

Digression: from a video on Wacom’s website, I found that it isn’t pronounced “way-com” like I always thought. No, it’s “wack-om.” Kinda like “wack-em.” Can’t say I agree with their decision on that.

“But Lemonbar77 (because you sometimes use my full name), I really want to get you a gift that’s more like $1.98 or even $0.01 because I love you, but it’s winter 2008, and if NPR has taught you anything, it’s that we’re in a recession.”

In that case, you can use the exact same list but scroll down and find books such as Wil Weaton’s “Dancing Barefoot” or an assortment of Alex Dumas’ books (if it’s not on the list, I’ve read it…but thanks).

“But Lem (because you’re “that guy”), I’d rather get you something between one cent and $280. Also, I’d rather you didn’t read my gift or use it in conjunction with your computer. Is there nothing I can do for you?”

Glad you asked. To you, I offer an eerily familiar list, upon which you will find Monty Python’s “Flying Circus” for around $60.

“Well, hey, L77 (I have no idea who you even are), can I get you some clothes?” No. I have enough clothes to dress an army of flannel-wearing lesbians. If you’ve already gotten me clothes, give them to some lesbian (because I dress like one, trust me).

If you have already purchased a portable external hard drive for my Mac, then you can send it to the following address. I also like Christmas cards or even just the occasional letter during any month, it doesn’t have to be for Christmas.

225 Edgar St.
Greensboro, NC 27403

P.S.-I wanted to use as many tags as possible 🙂


  1. Alison said,

    LOL at dressing like a lesbian.

  2. Alison said,

    Finally listened to the December 10th podcast. Love Jill. I really think the more comfortable you all get, the better the podcasts. I enjoy the banter. (“waggle dance). But you seem to have a good sense of when to bring it back around to the topic. Which, by the way, sounded totally boring in the title, but was actually very interesting!

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